What Kind Of Food Do We Cook?


Some cooks answer this question with a genre, ingredient or a region. But at Good Things we approach food quite differently and our answer is simple, “Well, good food, of course”. 

So, the question is more: what is our idea of good food?

In essence, whatever we cook, we like to ensure it’s something we would like to eat. Not only do our customers eat our food but also our staff, our family and our friends, therefore, we do our utmost to provide truly good food. 

We like to think Good Things is not just about food. We’re a family with ideas about food, about what a meal should consist of and how you should feel when you leave a restaurant. We aim, every day, to capture and give you some part of these ideas in Good Things. 

We hope that every meal you will have at Good Things does more than merely fill you up until the next meal. We hope that you’ll see at Good Things that our food is not just ingredients combined, cooked and served but an experience. 

If that concept is a little wooly for you, the facts are as follows:

  • Everything at Good Things is fresh, in season and sourced locally and where possibly produced with an organic ethos. 
  • Everything, except our olive oil, dried fruits, nuts and spices, comes from West Cork.
  • We never use flour or any thickening agents in soups, sauces, to coat fish or - crime of crimes - to thicken gravy. 
  • In Good Things we rarely cook with butter (except in pastries) and only use cream for puddings. The result is much lighter, fresher and easier food.