Private Cheffing

Photo by Emma Jervis

This year is your chance to have Carmel come to your house or holiday home and cook for you.

Whatever form you like - a once off dinner for a group of friends, or day to day catering in a holiday home - can easily be arranged.

To send a query regarding private cheffing please click here and follow the instructions.

A Note from Carmel on private cheffing:

Before we go any further it’s good to clear up a few things. While I will do what I can to cater to your needs there are a few things you should know about my style first.

Photo by Emma Jervis

Firstly, I don’t do pre-made menus as I work with my growers and plan my menu based on what they have available. I take a list of dislikes from my clients along with any allergies, food intolerances and health issues and will be highly considerate of these. 

Secondly, I cook with chemical free/organic ingredients wherever possible and most of my menus are now fully organic. I look on food as medicine and believe it deserves to be treated with care.

Photo by Emma Jervis

I never use gluten products, except in baking, and I prefer olive oil over butter on food. I aim to present food to my clients that has not been processed beyond necessity and resembles its nature.

At a recent private event the host stood up and claimed to her guests;

"We will feel better after we have dined”

To me, this is the greatest compliment and it is the intention I focus on as I cook and seek my ingredients