The Cookery School:

"What started as a small idea several years ago is now a key part of good things. teaching and learning is Integral to its entire operation”

In the cookery school, Carmel teaches what she knows - good food. The cookery school has courses of all different sizes, for many different kinds of food. If we don't have a ready made course that suits your liking we can specifically design one for you. See our private classes.

Some of our courses have been around since we began while others are newer additions that we’ve created and developed as our interests and understanding around food grows.

Just to say thank you for the fun and real sense of food at your fish course! Great company and wonderful ideas – inspiring!
— Giana Ferguson

As you may have seen, Carmel’s cookery classes can be done upstairs in Glebe Gardens Cafe in groups or in your own home, tailored specifically to you. Group classes can be great social experiences and a wonderful way to spend a few days in West Cork. Meanwhile, private tutelage immerses you in personalised programme allowing you to improve your diet, home cooking and even your kitchen organisation.

I must say that the time I spent with you was the highlight of my trip! I have made many of the recipes back home, and I have got everybody eating seaweed.
— Adam